Ultrasonic Cavitation


ULTRASONIC CAVITATION: the Non-surgical answer for slimming the body naturally!

Combined with a good diet and exercise program you will have maximum results that are healthy and all natural!

Here’s how it works:
Ultrasonic Cavitation is a new, non-surgical fat removal procedure. This revolutionary procedure was discovered in Europe. Because there is no surgery and no anesthesia, there is no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time. Patients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to a week following just one single session. Ultrasonic Cavitation is a non-surgical process done in the comfort and convenience of our office located in Los Angeles, CA. Our equipment will attack stubborn fat deposits that no matter how much you diet and exercise, never seems to disappear. We will help to tighten, tone the skin reducing sagging, wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite.

We all need a little boost and sometimes diet alone isn’t enough but surgery isn’t always the answer. THAT’S WHERE OUR AMAZING TECHNOLOGY ENTERS. ULTRASONIC Cavitation is an ultrasound frequency that works by vibration to gently agitate the fat cell facilitating the body’s natural process to metabolize and move fat out through the lymphatic system. In combination with a healthy diet you will see positive changes quickly and naturally. Naturally without surgery, you can lose inches around trouble spots with visible changes in the first 1 to 2 sessions. With the Ultrasonic Cavitation Process most people average 1/4-2 inches loss per session and will see dramatic results over the course of a series of 4-6 sessions depending on type of area, genetics and protocols followed. Inch loss, skin tightening, and mobilization of fat through your lymphatic system causing a detoxification effect are all enhanced through this natural device.